Before walking into the doors of SBD, the owner, Coach Charisma, convinced my husband and I to give her program a chance. For us, coming from a standard sideline cheer, football , baseball, etc., this was definitely something new. Charisma immediately saw the potential in two of our kids, Andrew and Alana. We finally made the decision to give it a try, and it was possibly the best decision we could have made for our kids in the athletic field. Everyone was so welcoming, from the front staff to the older team members and most of all the parents. It was so comfortable for us to join that we have now become a family. Five years later, our kids have gained so many skills, techniques, and talent thanks to the patience, knowledge and determination of all of our SBD coaches. Our kids love it and look forward for the next season to come. South Bay Divas is home away from home. - Natalie Garcia
Our family has been a part of SBD for the past 8 years. My girls have definitely grown strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. They have been molded into the incredible, reliable, and responsible athletes they are today. Being a part of the SBD family is not just a thing to do, it is a lifestyle. You wear the name with PRIDE. You ENCOURAGE one another even in trying and difficult times. You STRIVE for success, and most of all you NEVER give up. No matter where life takes us, l know we will always have a home with the SBD Family. I am so proud to be SBD! - Saldaña Family
South Bay Divas has quickly became our home away from home. The staff welcomed us with open doors. Everyone from the front desk staff to the coaches, really cares about each and every athlete. My daughter came to the gym with experience from another facility, and the difference at South Bay has been clearly visible. Her technique and confidence have really grown. We can’t thank the staff enough for creating such an amazing space for our daughter. - Green Family
My daughter has been cheering for 7 years, and after only 2 seasons at SBD she has advanced her tumbling and flying skills more than at any other gym. Our coaches have a pure passion and genuine commitment for the sport. They push athletes to their full potential, creating powerful teams, and unparalleled routines. When you hear us say we are a Diva family, it could not be more true. My daughter loves the support from her stunt groups, sharing the mat with a group of athletes that give their heart and soul to one another, and the encouragement between teams. Along with the positive impacts as an athlete, SBD instills discipline, overcoming fears, and building success out of determination– lessons that she will take with her through life. More than ever, we look forward to continuing the SBD journey this season. - Tamara Coil
SBD Upland has been a great program for my girls! They have learned so many skills that they can use on and off the mat. SBD is definitely more than just a cheer program, we are a family in the gym! -Amber January
“Our daughters have been Divas from the beginning they have grown as athletes and leaders in their last 7 years. I truly believe that this program and the coaches have had a major influence in the outstanding, driven, dedicated, young athletes we see today. They are excited about their future with Divas and we can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!” - Rivas Family

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