Tumbling Classes

Intro to Tumbling

Students begin here, learning the proper technique for a forward roll, cartwheel, round-off, handstand, and walkover

Level 1 Tumbling

Once beginning tumbling skills are mastered, students will graduate to Level 1 Tumbling. Students in this class will focus on strengthening and perfecting their back walkover, front walkover, and introduce the fundamentals of a back handspring.

Level 2 Tumbling

This class is for students who have mastered all skills in Intro and Level 1 Tumbling, with proper technique. Level 2 Tumbling will focus on back handsprings and handspring combinations.

Level 3 Tumbling

Students ready for level 3 will focus on running back tucks, front tucks, aerials and standing handspring series. 

Level 4+ Tumbling

Once a student has mastered all level 3 skills they will begin focusing on the proper progressions of elite level tumbling such as layouts, whips, and speciality.

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